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This blog serves as a ‘what’s new’ page. When any of the webteam publishes new material they will put a link to it and maybe say a few words about it here.

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  1. Jist windrin foo a body sends a foty for considerashun for neist year’s calendar. Be afa gled if sumdy can tell me

    • Hi Alan, your photo needs to be of Portsoy or surrounding area, which includes Fordyce and Sandend. Has to be 2mb or more, or at least 300dpi (dots per inch). Photos have to be unaltered version, so not photoshopped or cropped. On our first calendar some photos were still of poor quality and some had to be stretched to fit, so didn’t look their best either. We want to be sure that won’t happen with the 2014 one.

      Get shooting :) Looking forward to your photos ;)
      We as the committee will choose one photo each month from our favourites among photos uploaded on our Portsoy Past & Present Facebook Page.
      Good luck! Post as many as you want.
      If any of your photos should make our shortlist you will be contacted and asked to send us the original photo(s) by email to: committee@portsoypastandpresent.co.uk. You will receive notice whether your photo has been chosen or not.

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