Working Area

The working area of the Portsoy Past and Present Community Group  is the parish of Fordyce. This includes the settlements of Portsoy, Sandend and Fordyce. On the coast the Parish stretches from the mouth of the Boyne Burn in the east to just short of Cullen in the west. Inland on the east the boundary follows the Boyne Burn and reaches to the top of the Knock Hill. Cornhill is not included. Inland on the west the boundary stretches from the Knock Hill in the South to just east of Cullen on the coast. Deskford and Lintmill are not included.


Parish of Fordyce

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  1. Graham Darby

    Have been scanning ebay for a pocket watch and thought you might be interested to know there is one for sale marked WM Mortimer Portsoy. It is advertised as ‘An 1862 Fusee Verge silver inner pocket watch for a pair case, Mortimer Portsoy’. I don’t know how rare these things are but I thought you might like to know. The auction still has 6 days to run from today, the 30th. I’m not interested myself as it is only a silver inner.

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