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Thanks to everyone that has posted us these photos. We are working towards putting names to faces

2 Responses to Sandend

  1. Mary Mcginlay

    Hi I was wondering if I could get into your site.My cousin told me there was
    photoes of my grandparents and parent on here.They lived in Sandend
    and there ancesters way back to the 18th centuary.My grandfather was Bejamin Smith and was a fishers man also his father.The Smith fish house
    is still in the family.I went to school there when I was 7 in 1955.
    I stayed with my grannie for nearly a year as my mother was ill.
    My granny maiden name was Innes.There was a fishing disaster in 1894 where her father John Innes and his 3 brothers drowned on there fishing boat just off Sandend near Portsoy.Her mother was pregnant with my grannie and she was born April 1895.Then my grannies mother dies when she was a baby and her mothers sister brought her up in Cullen.It was a sad story as I was tracing all the history on Scotlands People site.It would be nice to see pictures of family as my cousin said my grannie was on there.
    Her name in the village was Nan Smith , she laid the dead out and helped with births.Her real name on her birth certificate was John Ann Innes.
    Because her dad died they gave her , her fathers name.Thankyou for any info you can give me Regards Mary.

  2. Ur article, “Sandend | Portsoy Past & Present” ended up being well worth writing a comment here!
    Only desired to mention u really did a great job. Thank you ,Cecile

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