The idea here is that we can have large numbers of pages dealing in detail with lots of different topics.

For example three big themes are people, places and events.

The individuaPortsoy Swimming Pooll articles are presented in several different ways – (a) as pages on this website, (b) as links to other appropriate and useful websites, and (c) as links to items in the website library. The website library articles are in various formats (doc, jpg, gif, pdf, ppt, xls, mp3 etc). If you have difficulty opening any of these files then get in touch.

Articles can also include audio and video files. Here is an example of the songwriting of local man George (Dod) Clark. To see the details about the song click HERE and to hear the song being sung click HERE. In the last case your computer will ask  you if it is OK to download the file.

We can also link directly to videos – George (Dod) Clark again – click HERE to open the file in youtube or click below to activate the embedded version

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