Old postcards of the area

Enjoy going around Portsoy and district in years gone by. Parts of the town look very different from today. Can you remember the chimes every 15mins and how the bell would strike the hours (Church Hall).

The Old Harbour

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4 Responses to Old postcards of the area

  1. For the first four and a half years of my life I lived half way along this street (Chapel) on the right hand side. I vividly recall Petrie’s the butchers on the right. The house behind the shop with the steps wasn’t there but I do recall an old banger of a car rusting away ungracefully in the waste area where that house once was. Bill Davidson, then David Urqhuart had their joiners workship there before it was demolished and a bungalow built in it’s place.

  2. Dennis Paterson

    How do you get to view all the headings. This one says gallery not found.

    • Dennis, apologies – we have not loaded the photos yet but will do so in the next few days – they are well worth the wait!

  3. Annie Robertson

    Like the old postcard of the old harbour with the writting around the postcard wonder who that man was with the peg leg bet he had some tales to tell

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