Glenglassaugh  Distillery is a single malt scotch whisky distillery located near Portsoy. The distillery was established in 1875 by local businessman John Moir and his two nephews, Alexander and William Morrison.

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James Moir had an expanding grocery business in Portsoy (location high st) and was wanting to establish a distillery that would produce a whisky to satisfy the growing demand from his customers.  The site was originally chosen due to the pure water of Glassaugh Springs, easy access to nearby barleyfields, and also it was known locally to have been the site of the many illicit distilleries that had operated  in that area. Following the deaths of both James Moir and William Morrison, Alexander Morrison was forced to sell the distillery and in 1892 the company was sold to Highland Distillery who ran it until 2008. To go to the distillary website click HERE.

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