Portsoy Football Teams

Enjoy this section of photos of people of Portsoy. We have photos of the little ones the teenagers and the adults – we even have the girls teams . Our photos have been taken from the late 1800 to the present day also Sutherlands park to the playing field. See if you can spot Portsoy’s famous footballer.

Note: after the pictures there is a story of post football violence in a Fraserburgh hotel from 1922 and some comment about the game on which it was based.


FOOTBALL MATCH ROW – Minister Assaulted at Fraserburgh

The pleasure and satisfaction which the members of Fraseburgh Football Club and their supporters felt on Saturday in winning the Aberdeenshire Charity Cup was marred by a deplorable incident which took place in the conclusion of the match with Portsoy.

The visiting team were being entertained to tea in the Dalrymple Cafe, and the Rev J. R. Brown, Episcopal minister of Portsoy, who accompanied the team, went to a neighbouring hotel to summon several of the players. On arrival there, he found one of the Portsoy team engaged in a heated argument with one of the Fraserburgh players about the match.

The Portsoy man had accused the other of kicking him in the jawin the course of the match, a charge that the Fraserburgh man hotly resented. Mr Brown got in between the two to separate them , and the Fraseburgh player is said to have threatened him. With a view to pouring oil over troubled waters , the clergyman had said that the Portsoy team had come here for sport and not to fight. This remark apparently only served to further aggravate the ‘Broch’ footballer, who hit out and struck Mr Brown a violent blow in the mouth, knocking out six of his front teeth, and inflicting further injuries to his face.

A large crowd congregated I front of the hotel, and a great indignation was expressed at the conduct of the local man and sympathy with the inoffensive Portsoy minister. The case was reported to the police , who immediately went in search of the assailant who however, had effected his escape by the back door of the hotel and disappeared. The police ere unable to discover his whereabouts on Saturday night, and he was still missing at a late hour last night.
MARCH 13th 1922


Match report from the game that led to the above unsavory incident in Fraserburgh.

In the final of the Aberdeenshire charity Cup Bellslea Park, Fraserburgh defeated Portsoy in a keen game by 5 goals to 2. For a prolonged period Portsoy pressed, and the home defence was stretched, a number of tries at goal being rather luckily blocked. Midway through the half the game took a turn in the favour of Fraserburgh, and Paterson gave them the lead after good saving by P. Grant in the Portsoy goal. The visitors were soon on level terms, Scott scoring a beautiful goal, and the teams crossed over with one goal each to their credit.

Portsoy resumed in capital style, and were unlucky to fall in arrears when their keeper dropped the ball over the line. The incident proved to be the turning point of the game, and the visitors were never again seen to much advantage., although they often kept the home defenders busy. Following a pass by Birnie, Paterson put Fraserburgh further ahead and A McRobbie added a fourth, Grant failing to hold his final effort. Portsoy strove hard to make up leeway, and when Riddoch scored for them the goal was well deserved. In the closing stages the play was entirely in the favour of Fraserburgh, and A McRobbie rounded of the scoring with a well taken fifth goal.

Although so heavily beaten, Portsoy gave a clever display, and left behind them a healthy respect for their capabilities. Riddoch was their outstanding player, and for Fraseburgh, Walker at half back, and all the forwards were outstanding.
Portsoy Team; P. F.Grant; Roberson and Wilson; Riddoch, Scott, and McConnachie; Ross, Mair, J Grant, P. Scott, and Roger.



Alan Ingram commented on the FB post “That’s really interesting. I wonder if it is the same ‘Shire Cup that they compete for today? I know that the trophy, currently held by The Vale is one of the oldest in the country and one of the largest cups too. Portsoy always was a bit of a football hotbed”

Colin Murray’s comment in reply  “ I find it remarkable that Portsoy, who to my knowledge have always been played at welfare league standard were playing a team I would presume were playing in the Highland league at the time because of where the game was played at. Interesting also to see the terminology being used in the match report, such as ‘tries’ at goal as opposed to ‘efforts’ at goal. And Portsoy resumed in ‘capital’ style would not be a term used nowadays”


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