There is a lot going on in Portsoy and the surrounding area. This page is a gateway to as much of it as we have found out about so far. If you have more suggestions get in touch.

A basic mention with contact information (phone, email, website) is a free service. There will be a small fee to have a more elaborate presence. We are still working on this – if you are interested get in touch).
The main themes are:


  • Fordyce, County of Banff. Account of 1791-99, volume 3, page 45
  • Fordyce, County of Banff. Account of 1834-45, volume 13, page 178
  • Scotland’s 2001 Census Results Online

What thoughts about other links to add?

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  2. I believe reciprocal links boost search engine listing position for all parties concerned. What about a standard message which can be send to organisations asking for reciprocal link?

    • Dianne – reciprocal links are a good idea. But the idea is to have mainly local links. It is thus possibly more effective to put a link to them and then contacting them directly (email or phone) about getting a link back to us.

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