About us

As at 23 March 2012 “WE” are a loose collection of enthusiasts. A constitution is being prepared and it is well underway.

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  1. Jean Mackenzie

    I lived in Portsoy until I was 10 years old at 5 Park Crescent (prefabs). Parents were George and Alice Wilson. On my mother’s side, grandfather Harry Wilson of Schoolhendry Street, uncle and aunt Jack and Jean MacDonald. On my father’s side, aunt Barbara Sutherland and her family, Victor, George. And cousin Ella Smith. I visit Portsoy every year in July. Please keep me posted. I am not on Facebook at the moment.

    • Hello Jean, I have just noticed your message and I see that you do not appear to have had a reply.
      Many thanks for the family information. Check the ‘what’s new’ box for up to date information on Portsoy on area.
      If you have any questions on family or Portsoy history, then please let us know and we shall try to help.

  2. william young

    Great site, thank you .

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