Fever Hospital & Campbell Hospital

Sitting Outside Campbell Hospital

Were you like me growing up in Portsoy and not thinking about its history until,  as time tics by, you start to wonder what things were like in Portsoy long before you were born ?

If so, with your help, I would like to find more about Campbells. This is what I grew up knowing about Campbells as it known locally.

The Countess Of Seafield donated land to the people of  Portsoy in the 1800′s. During the early 1900′s there was an pandemic of T.B.  and a smaller hospital was opened for the overspill of  patients. I’m  not sure why they decided to locate the hospital down by the links, Although I have heard that it was for a speedy burial ( but hopefully on this website I will find the answer).

A fact I do know is that the doctors thought it would benefit the patient if they went outside on sunny days, if you go to the side of Campbells that faces  Arnbath you will still see the doors that they used to take the beds out on sunny days .

Sadly the hospital closed in 2011   but hopefully there will be a new chapter to write  very very soon. The fever hospital building remains and is now used as a garage.

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  1. The wooden building at the links, now used as a house, was as far as I know the original fever hospital.The building now used as a car garage was where the horse drawn hearse was kept when I was a wee loon.

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