Portsoy School

  • 1752 Mr Peter Constable was master of a charity school in Portsoy
  • There was also Mr John MacFarlane with a school of 30 scholars in 1780.
  • A Grammer school of 30 boys was located in South High Street in the year 1837.
  • Miss Wiseman had a ladies boarding school in The Square 1825.
  • There was also a Dames school in 1837 taught by Eliza Bond, Old Cullen Road.
  • Other schools in Portsoy were May Marshall, Church Street, Miss Wiseman, Aird Street, Mr Thomas Philip had a society school in Church Street and Jenny Cruickshank had a class in Schoolhendry Street

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So loons and quines we think  this could  be something good for you to do on your own page. Find out the history of Portsoy School – Who was the first headmaster? What year did it open? Is there still a boys door and girls door and what was the reason for that ?

I can remember when it was a high school and where the playgroup is held used to be a cooking room. I think the older ones moved to Banff Academy around the late 60′s. Hope you have fun finding out about the history of Portsoy School.

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