Portsoy Past & Present Song

Portsoy Past & Present

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In the shelter o’ two harbours






Bobbing boats can find a berth







Diving dolphins swim and play





All along the Moray Firth







Cliff top Portsoy panorama
As the sun sets o’er the sea
Holds me in its warm embrace
There’s nae place I’d rather be









Burgh Status wi’ a Charter

Signed by Mary, Queen o’ Scots





Tales of smuggling at the Doonie







Contraband wi’ evil plots


A cruel Sheriff in Durn House







Aids McPherson’s swift demise


Links with Boyndie and Glenglassaugh,






Historic village o’ Fordyce









Salmon Bothy music nights

Stories, songs fae oor Folklore







Farms and Factories, Fishermen

Harbour shots: “Whisky Galore”







For two chimneys in Versailles






Portsoy polished Serpentine


And Lord Beeching’s cuttin’ madness






Closed our Rural Railway Line












Now where once the Station stood








Kids are boating on Loch Soy






Picnics, football, feeding ducks

Plenty pastimes tae enjoy








Fish and ducklings swim aroon’

Sounds of birdsong, loud and shrill


And the early morning light






Sees the heron fishing still





The Memorial in Seafield Street






At its feet red Poppies lie

A piper plays, the toon folk pray

Remembering Wars gone by


Portsoy’s peaceful Cemetery

St Comb’s Well, a Celtic Cross,







Bonnie backdrop o’ the East Braes







Ancient gravestones, now in moss










Famous faulty clock tower face







Portsoy’s aul’ Church Hall’s







Ancient 17th Century Harbour






Filmed for “The Shutter Falls”



There’s the Wally Green,






and Durn Hill,






They tell hidden tales of yore


Seals are resting on the rocks,







Swim along the Western Shore












See the fine boats set to sail






Fae Portsoy tae Sanine







With the Pool reflecting sunlight,






At the Pointy fishing’s fine







Herrin’ smoking by the Quay







Where the dancing children sing


Fiddle music, Food and Fun







With the Festival in full swing











Fordyce Castle,















and Findlater







Part o’ our history

Cup and Saucer in the field







All are known to you and me


Bonnie sights we see for free







Many things to give us joy






Churches, landmarks – our rich heritage -







In this town we call Portsoy













Gable End and Doonie

They were built so long ago


Spot the rocks along the coast

That fishermen still know


They will tell you names and stories


Fatties Rock lies at Links Bay


Breeks and Needle


to Bow Rock -

Walk the West Braes all the way!



This is Portsoy Past and Present







But its story never ends







People who hae left the toon







Keep memories and friends




Still that cliff top panorama







As the sun sets o’er the Sea








Holds me in its warm embrace






And there’s nae place I’d rather be







No, there’s nae place I’d rather be!





portsoy song tune with chords

portsoy song tune with chords


Paulina Smith-Honig 2012



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