Worrall’s Directory 1877

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PORTSOY is a seaport in the Parish of Fordyce, 18 miles from Keith, 11 from Buckie, 8 from Banff and 6 from Cullen, situated on the Moray Firth.  It was made a burgh of barony in the year 1550.  The town is small but a very considerable business is carried on, in fish curing, ship and boat building &c

In the neighborhood are brick works, a marble quarry, a distillery, a woollen manufactory and lime works.  The harbour is good for vessels up to 200 tons burthen.  The imports are coal, salt, timber, &c.  The stone from the quarries which are now held by George McDonald & Co. has obtained the name of “Portsoy Marble,” and is wrought into beautiful vases, ornaments, chimney-pieces, columns, mural works &c.

The burgh is under the jurisdiction of a baron baillie and a justice of the peace.  The Earl of Seafield is superior.  The town and adjoining district was erected a quoad sacra parish in 1871.  The places of worship are a Church of the Establishment, a Free Church, an Independent Chapel, an Episcopal Chapel, a United Presbyterian Church and a Roman Catholic Chapel.

The school board has just erected in Chapel Street a spacious and elegant school, having everything necessary for the comfort of those attending it.

FORDYCE is a village situated about three miles from Portsoy, and owns at the present day some celebrity from its educational institutions. Smith’s Academy is a handsome modern building in which boys are educated and clothed, £10,000 having been left by George Smith, Esq. of Bombay, for that purpose.

It was here that Sir James Clark, Bart., physician in ordinary to Her Majesty, and John Forbes, Esq., physician extraordinary to his late Royal Highness the Prince Consort, received the early part of their education.

A market is held in the village once a year, 8th. November, for horses, feeing, etc

SANDEND is a small fishing village about 2 miles from Fordyce.


Post Office,

Square, Portsoy. James Clark, Postmaster.

Letters arrive from the South at 10.30 am, and 2.20 pm from the North, and the West at 11.40 am ; and from Banff at 1 noon and 5.45 pm and are dispatched to North and South at 7.55am and 3.0 pm ; to the South at 11.30 am to the North and West at 12.45 noon and (on Saturdays only) at 7.35 pm.    Rural messengers for Bogmuchals despatched at 12 noon and Tillynaught at 2.30pm.  Money Order, Telegraph Office and Post Office Savings Bank.

Post Office, Fordyce. Mrs. A. Ewing, Postmistress.

Letters arrive from Portsoy at 1.40 pm and are despatched at 5.40 pm.

Places of Worship


Fordyce – Rev. James Grant

Seafield St Portsoy – Rev. Andrew M. Gibson

Episcopalian, Hill St – Rev John Macdonald


Fordyce – vacant

Seafield St – Rev. Wm W. Peyton

Independent Chapel, South High St – Vacant

United Presbyterian Church, Seafield St  – Rev. William Simmers

Roman Catholic Chapel, Aird St – Rev Chas Devine.

Artillery Volunteers (4th Banffshire Portsoy) –

Capt James Kissach, commanding ;

Sub-Lieuts – Wm. Cheyne and James Paterson

Drill-sergeant – Wm Pedder.

Gas Works, Portsoy –

Peter G. Christie, secretary,

James Gardiner, manager.

Parochial Board Office, Low St

Thos Mackie, Inspector & Collector of Rates

Police Station,

Aird St – J. Reaper, Constable

Registrar of Births etc:-

Portsoy – James Kissach,

Fordyce – Thos Mackie

Stamp Office, Aird St –

John A.Colville, distribut

Conveyance by Railway

By the Banff & Portsoy Branch of the Great North of Scotland Line.

Stationmaster- John MacKay


To Cullen three times daily

To Buckie & Fochabers daily


To Cullen, Buckie, Portgordon, Portknockie, Portessie and Findochty –

Davie Caird from Portsoy daily

For the Great North of Scotland Railway Company –

Davie Caird Portsoy.

Private Residents.

Allan, Mrs. Alex, Millburn House

Anderson A.T. M.D. Square

Cheyne Wm, Hill St

Colville John A., Durn House

Cruickshank Wm, Hill St

Devine Rev. Charles, Aird St

Duff Robert M.P. Glassaugh House

Fulton John R, Roseacre House

Gardiner, Mrs. Margaret, Seafield St

Garland Robert, J.P. Cowhythe

Gibson Rev Andrew, Manse, Hill St

Gordon Miss G, Logie Cott, Fordyce

Grant, Rev James, Fordyce

Imlay Mrs, Burnside St

Largue Rev James, Fordyce

Macdonald Rev John, S. High St

Mair Mrs J, Cullen Rd

Minty A.L, N. High St

Minty Miss ?, Square

Minty W.A. JP, N High St

Moir James, JP, S. High St

Murray. Mrs Ann, Seafield St

Murray, Peter, JP, Seafield St

Paterson Wm, Burnside St

Peyton, Rev Wm, Free Manse, Seafield St

Pirie, The Misses, N. High St

Reid Miss ?,  N. High St

Robb Alex, MD, Seafield St

Shaw Maj-Gen, Glenglassaugh House

Simmers Rev Wm, UP Manse, Seafield St

Watson Henry, JP, Low St

Wilson, Mrs Margaret, Cullen Rd

Wright Mrs W, Square.


Chalmers Theodore, Fordyce

Ewing, Mrs. Alex, Fordyce

Gilchrist James, Square

Peterkin & Raeburn, Misses, Church Street

Peterkin John, Seafield St

Reid Alexander, Church St

Watson Henry, Low St


N of Scotland – J. Moir Agent

Union  Bank – Peter Murray Agent


Boyd John, Birkenbog

Branders James, Smithfield

Cumming George, Fordyce

Dawson John, N High St

Forbes ?, Dykehead

Ingram Adam, Roseacre St

Morrison Hugh, Blackjug

Stephen John, Fordyc


Barclay & Jenkins, Hill St

Matthew Andrew, Seafield St

Rhynd & Rae, Barban

Chemists, Stationers

Clark James, Square

Sutherland John, S High St

Coal Merchants

Cheyne Alexander, Seafield St

Lovie Mrs. George, Church St

McRobie Wm, The Malt Barns

Paterson James & Co, Shore


Bruce Mrs Ann, Fordyce

Edwards Miss W, S High St

Ewing Mrs Alex, Fordyce

Guthrie James, Seafield St

Minty A.L. (& silk mercer) North High St

Moir James, S High St

Robertson Alexander, Square

Smart Mrs H, S High St

Stewart Jas, Berlin Repository, Church St

Thompson Wm, Fordyce.

Fish Curers & Coopers

Sutherland Peter, Shore

Wood Wm, Shore


Cruickshank Chas, Burnside St

Grant Peter, Culbert Rig

Hay Wm, North High St

Reid John, Church St

Grain Merchants

Allan John & Son Shore & Mills

Mavor John, Barbank


Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers

Bruce Mrs. Ann, Fordyce

Cheyne Alex, Seafield St

Donald Mrs. Ann, Church St

Ewen Mrs. Alex, Fordyce

Fairweather, Mrs Francis Ann, Low St

Farquharson Miss Mary, Burnside

Ingram Mrs Mary, Fordyce

*Jack John, South High St

Leitch Peter, Aird St

McIntosh Wm, Blackjug

Mackay Mrs Janet, North High St

*McKenzie Daniel, Church St

*McRobie Wm, Malt Barns

Matthew Andrew, Aird St

*Minty A.L., North High St

*Moir James, South High St

Murray Wm, Schoolhendry

Raeburn James, Fordyce

*Robertson, Alex, Square

Scott Miss Jane, Seafield St

Smart Mrs H, S. High St

Smith James, Sandend

Sutherland Wm, Culbert Rig

*Sutherland Daniel, Sandend

Thomson Wm, Fordyce

Wait Janet, Sandend

*Watson Wm., N. High St


Currie George, Seafield St


Commercial – James Forbes, Aird St

Station – Joseph Webster, Seafield St

Insurance Offices – Agents

Caledonian, W Thompson Fordyce

Crown, Jas Paterson, Shore

Edinburgh Life, John Fowler, South High St

Guarantee Association, Wm Cheyne, Hill St

Life Association of Scotland, John A. Colville, Aird St

Marine, Jas Moir, S. High St

Northern, Peter Murray, Seafield St

Prudential, Jas Wilson, Mount Pleasant

Scottish Equitable, P.G. Christie  South High St

Scottish National, Wm Cheyne, Hill St

Scottish Provincial, A.L. Minty North High St

Staffordshire, Jas Wilson, Mount Pleasant

Standard, Jas Moir, S. High St


Ewing Mrs Alexander, Fordyce

Moir, James, South High St

Sutherland Wm, Culbert Rig


Leitch Peter (Portsoy Marble) Aird St

Milliners & Dressmakers

Lawrence Miss Sarah, Low St

Mclennan Miss Isabella, Church St

Martin The Misses, Aird St

Thomson, Miss Jane, Seafield St

Tough, Miss E, Barbank

Winter Miss Jane, Church St


Banffshire Reporter (Fridays)  Thos Anderson, Culbert Rig


Currie George, Seafield St

Raeburn James, Fordyce

Quarriers – Marble

Macdonald George & Co


Duguid Alexander, Seafield St

Rhind Wm, Church St


Portsoy School, Chapel St :- James Kissach  master Mary Liddell, mistress.

Fordyce:- Wm Smith master

Sandend :- John Rose master

Bogmuchals -Mrs Reid

Durn Road – Margt Watson

Fordyce – Mrs E. Philip

Smith’s Academy, Fordyce -  Rev. James Largue, rector.


Moir James, South High St

Sutherland Wm, Culbert Rig

Ship and Boat Builders

Smith & Ritchie (Ship) Shore

Wood George (boat) Shore


Adams Forrester, South High St

Baxter Thomas, Cullen St

Fairweather Rose, Cullen St

Jack Lawrence, Shillinghill

James Alexander, Hill St

McKay Joseph, North High St

Smith James, Schoolhendry St

Smith Wm, North High St

Sutherland John, Schoolhendry

Taylor John, Cullen St

Wright George, Square

Shipowners & Agents.

Bremner John, The Mills

Lovie Mrs George, Church St

McDougall Alex, Church St

McRobie Wm., Malt Barns

Moir James, South High St

Smith George Durn Rd

Smith, Mrs James, Schoolhendry

Smith John, Church St

Sutherland John, South High St

Sutherland Peter, Shore

Watson Henry, Low St


Bremner Alexander, Chapel St

McDonald George, Cullen St

Watson James, Schoolhendry St


Cheyne Wm, Hill St

Colville John A, Aird St

Murray Peter, Seafield St

Wilson James S, Mount Pleasant

Spirit Dealers

Bruce, Mrs. Jane, North High St

Falconer Alexander, Shore

White Mrs. Elizabeth, Fordyce


Anderson Alex T, M.D. Square

Robb Alex M.D. Seafield St

Tailors & Clothiers

Begg George, Square

Ewing Mrs Alexander, Fordyce

Irving James, Seafield St

Smart Wm, Culbert Ridge St

Taylor George, Church St

Thomson Robert, North High St

Webster Joseph, Fordyce

Wilson Wm, Fordyce.

Watch & Clock Makers

Budge Daniel (& jeweller) Church St

Leys David, Square

Mortimer Wm, Seafield St

Wine & Spirit Merchants

Ewing Mrs Alexander, Fordyce

McKenzie Daniel, Church St

McRobie Wm, Malt Barns

Minty A. North High St

Moir James, South High St


Cumming Alex, Loch St

Gray George, Seafield St

Horne Robert, Seafield St

McDonald Wm, Burnside St

Murray Wm (& cabinet maker) Schoolhendry St

Paterson Wm, Fordyce

Ritchie Charles, Seafield St

Thomson Peter, Chapel St

Walker John, Square


Allan John & Son, shore masters

Brown Geo, Painter, S High St

Cheyne Wm clerk to Fordyce Parish School Board, Hill St

Cooper John vet Fordyce

Fairweather Mrs F.A. midwife Low St

Forbes Charles D (reps of) brick  makers, Tochineal

Forbes Miss M, Temperance Hotel, Church St

Horne Alex contractor, Toll Bar

Mcrobie Wm ,selica quartz merchant and Fordyce Lime Kilns, the Malt Barns

Nicol, James, rope manufacturer, Back Green

Noble James, tinsmith, Aird St

Smith Wm session clerk Fordyce

Thomson John, fancy warehouse, S. High St

Walker Wm, Woollen Mftr, Boyne Mills

Williamson Peter, glass & china dealer, Church St

Wilson, Thos, coppersmith, Square


Addison Joseph, Summerton

Allan Hugh, Mains of Glassaugh

Allan John, Burnside

Anderson Alex (reps of) Badentoul

Anderson Alex, Milton of Tillynaught

Badenoch Alex.,  Damheads

Badenoch John, Nicolson Park

Barclay John, Hallyhill

Barclay Wm, Linkbraeheads

Barnett James Jr, Brodiesord

Buie James, Longmuir

Chalners George, Douniemaud

Clark Alex, Little Taux

Clark John (reps of) Slogmahole

Clark Wm, Gardens

Cowie James, Hillside

Donaldson Alex, Auchip

Duncan John, Muirake

Durno Alex, Baronsmill

Ewing Mrs, Brae of Fordyce

Findlater Alex, Upper Bogton

Forbes C.D. (reps of), Tochineal

Forbes John, Barnyards of Findlater

Forbes John, Winterton

Forbes Wm, Auchmore & Longside

Fortune, Peter & Wm, Broom

Gardiner James, Butterytack

Garland Robert, Cowhythe

Geddes George, Slogmahole

Gray Joseph, Hillside

Hay Wm, Little Dytach

Hendry Alex, New Park

Hendry James, Knowhead

Hepburn John, Wellheads

Imlach George, Wylliehole

Johnston Wm , Rothimackenzie,

Jack, Alex., Clashindamer

Lawtie, James, Leys

Lawtie John, Mill of Towie

Ledingham Wm, Breach

Lorimer David, Porterstown

McBeath Alex, Dykehead

McDonald Alex, Kindrought

McWilliam John, Broomhill

Main D. McDowell Grant, Knowiemoor

Main James Jnr, Burns

Main John, North Canterbury

Mitchell James, Midtown of Badenspink

Miller John, Logie

Milne George Dytach

Milton George, Drochedlie

Mitchell George, Hill of Chattie

Morrison Alex, Craigmills

Murray James, Ordenhoves

Murray Peter, Mains & Upper Bogton

Nicolson James, Badenyouchers

Ogilvie Alex., Tillynaught

Raffan Alex, Breach

Reid Mrs. Ann, Westside

Shand Alex, Brackenhills

Simpson James, Hillend

Steinson Alex., Taux

Steinson Wm, Knockdurn

Stephen John, Douniemaud

Stevenson Alex. O, Auchinachie

Stevenson G., Newmill of Boyne

Stevenson Geo (heirs of) Smiddyboyne

Strachan Alex., Hillside

Strachan Wm., Birkenbog

Turner Robert Jnr, Brankanenthem

Watson James, Hallyards

Weighton James, Reidhaven

Wilson Alex., Kilnhillock

Wilson Chas, South Canterbury

Wilson George (heirs of) Begburn

Wilson John, Limestones

Wyness Alex. Upper Begburn

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  1. This is brilliant George. I will have to spend some more time going through it all.

  2. Cool, My Great-great-great Grandad Charles Cruickshank, Flesher in Burnside st.

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