It’s Only The Guid Days Ye Min’ – Alan Bowie

It’s Only The Guid Days Ye Min’





In those lang ago simmers o’ years gone by

Did the sun really shine every day?

Wis it nivver caul’ or weet or dreich

Fin we gid oot ti play?

As we dooked in the pool and swam in the sea

Wis the wither aye really that fine?

Or cwid it jist be, as I hiv been telt

It’s only the guid days ye min’?






Fin we slept in oor beds on a lang winter nicht

Did the sna sneak on like a thief?

Did we wakken next day ti a sky o’gray

An’ drifts biggit up ti the reef?

Did we sledge fae Arnbath ti the Culbert Rig

Til’ we stopped at the aul’ railway line?

Or is it the case as the years roll on

It’s only the guid days ye min’?





There maun hae been days we didna feel richt

Wi sair heids or teehach, “nae weel”

Or did we rise wi a smile fin oor mam gied a shout

Impatient ti get ti the skweel?

Were te lessons as guid as the playgreen’ games

Wis the teacher aye helpful and kind?

Did we nivver fecht? We must’ve, bit,

It’s only the guid days ye min’




An’ so ah’m sat here, ma pen in ma haun

Lookin back ti fan we wis bairns

There MUST’VE been days the sun didna shine

Days o’ hurt an’ pain

Bit we cam’ through them a’ . the happy and sad

An ah’m sure like me ye ken fine

That fin ye look back on yer childhood days

The guid days are the best anes ti min’




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