Me Greet at Photos o’ Auld Portsoy? – Alan Bowie

Me greet at photos o’ auld Portsoy?



I bade in Portsoy for fifty-twa ‘ear.

Been awa nearly fourteen

Jist up the road in Elgin noo

Nae ower far or too near

We’re doon in Portsoy quite aften these days

We’ve faimily there ye see

I tak the odd photie and post online

Bit it disna mean THAT much ti me.




I fillies go on ti this page on the web

“Portsoy Past & Present” it’s ca’d

I hiv ti admit that maist o’ the stuff

I see on there is nae bad

I only ging on ti shove in some time

Bit get sentimental? Na na,

These photos and posts are fine, oh aye

Bit they dinna affect me at a’




Me greet at photos o’ auld Portsoy?

Awa min, ye’re aff year heid

Afore I’d admit ti something like that

The steens on the beach’ll gie bleed

Fit’s at? Ye saw me dichtin ma ee?

Aye, weel, that’s easy explained,

The ween gied a blaw, some stoor flew up,

And . . . oh min, it’s happened again


the breeks - 1908

the breeks – 1908



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