Fine Div I Mind! by Rona Robertson, née McRonald – in response to Elma Coull

Fine Div I Mind!



Fine div I mind on the days of auld lang syne

And the things that ye mention in the words o’ yer rhyme

Most of which are gone or hae slipped into the past

But the ravages o’ time canna dim fine memories that last


Ye mention a’ the worthies and the characters o’ that time

The shoppies sellin sweeties ye can nae longer find

Div ye mind on Eric Ross, Jimmy Hendry and Bert Laird?

Eric selt the semmits, Jimmy and Bert the shoen o’ suede



I mind wi’ my dear pal Margaret, gaitherin’ spinkies oot the braes

Comin’ hame an’ getting a ragin’ for hae’n dubs a’ ower oor claes

Guddlin’ trooties wi’ my cousin Hamish, doon at Nicol’s burn

He wis a dab hand at it – a different story fan it wis ma turn


Margaret and me played shoppies wi’ the stanes doon at the beach

Ran up the bank an’ ower the wa’ fin oor bellies began to screech

How guid oor denner tasted – soup made wi’ a big knap bone

Then back again when we were fed, happy and never a moan




Div ye mind when a’body gaed walkin’ on a Sunday afterneen?

If ye wanted to catch up wi’ folk, that’s whar they would be seen

The favourite place wis round the Durn and back into the toon

And if ye were afa lucky, ye’d get a date fae a bonny loon!


Mind the train loads at the Station at the start o’ the Glesga Fair?

The toon wis fairly buzzin an’ they came back each year for mair

The special Gala dances were held in the Toon Hall

Wi’ oor summer frocks an’ high heels we’d hae passed for the belles o’ the ball




Mind how warm the days wad be an’ how’t wad melt the tar?

The bubbles that rase on the roads made funny noises wi’ the cars

How we sat on teh edge o’ the pavements, burstin’ each ane wi’ a match

Getting oor claes a’ clartit wi’ the tar, so a richt row we wid catch


But we’ll aye mind o’ these fine days, for we’re the worthies noo

The toon’s a’ changed an’ time’s moved on – I’ve been awa since I wis twenty-two

I see the young anes growin’ up – wonder whit their memories will be?

Certainly nae sae guid as oors – and that’s a certainty




One Response to Fine Div I Mind! by Rona Robertson, née McRonald – in response to Elma Coull

  1. Pam McGregor

    Lovely poem Rona – Mum would have been so pleased to see her name up there!
    Pam McGregor (daughter of Margaret McKay)

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