A Painter Fae Portsoy

A Painter Fae Portsoy – By Colin ‘Splash’ Murray


colin 'splash' murray

colin ‘splash’ murray








I have been a Painter & Decorator since the age of sixteen

I have of ten thought if I had more brains – what I would have been

i have spilled loads of paint and even set windows on fire

Of the calamities I can recall I could never tire


I have worked for the rich and also the poor

But often the poor are content and the more affluent dour

Some make your tea and are always in fine fettle

others would never consider switching on the kettle


Most folk are fine and easy to please

Others are so pedantic that I end up on my knees!

Some customers won’t swear but say the Lord’s name in vain

But if they only reflected – I think they would refrain


Some expect me to speak to them about the God above

Bu I would rather show them a wee piece of Christ’s love

I buy most of my paint in a shop called ‘Trend’

And I know I drive the poor lassie round the bend!


I complain about the price and say things are too dear

But I appreciate its convenience because it’s so near

The blues and the greens and more than 50 shades of grey

I worked with more colours than most folk see during a day


I am now on van number six

They have come in various models – a peculiar mix

I have worked with some great guys – bet I can tell you the best

It’s the wee mannie from Banff, yet to pass his driving test!


I appreciate it’s a profession that will ever impress

And one where you can’t avoid a certain level of mess

But when I sit back and reflect over the years

I can’t say I have ever to fight back the tears

Because at the end of the day it’s been a pleasure to serve

The good folk in North East with commitment and verve


Colin Murray

26th July 2013

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