Greetings from Portsoy

IMGP9007“You receive a tourist postcard from a friend who is visiting Paris. Probably the Eiffel Tower will be on this post card – or the Louvre.

  1. If you would send a tourist postcard from Portsoy, which iconic place will be featured on it?
  2. What is your favourite place in Portsoy?
  3. Which parts of Portsoy contain stories important to tell?
  4. What is Portsoy’s relation with the sea?
  5. Are there famous locations in Portsoy? Why are they famous?
  6. If you would organise a guided tour through Portsoy, what would you show?
  7. Does the importance of a location change throughout the year (is the importance related to the season?)
  8. Did the importance of places change over time?”

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