Crystal Ball

IMGP9002The crystal ball can offer you a glimpse of the future. What do you see? Take the ball out and open it. Now you can add your visions for the future to the ball.

  1. How do you see the future of the CURIOS project?
  2. Who will be involved?
  3. How often will there be new stories?
  4. Who maintains the website?
  5. Who will read the stories on the website?
  6. Who do you hope will read the stories on the website?
  7. Who can benefit from the website?

One Response to Crystal Ball

  1. Question 1: the CURIOS project could piggy back on the PPaP fortnighly column in the Banffie. These have been on the go since may 2012 and there are 50 articles on a wide range of topics. Copies are available from the Facebook page and from the website

    Question 2: a subgroup of the PPaP is involved – with as many guest authors as we can muster. There have been 23 authors so far)

    Question 3: new stories once a fortnight (there could be more solely for the website)

    Question 4: The Facebook page more or less looks after itself. There is a subgroup of the PPaP committee to maintain the website (it is built using WordPress – this is a free and widely used programme so replacement webmasters can easily get up to speed with it)

    Questions 5 and 6: over 2000 members of the FaceBook group might read the stories and the website might attract search engines on a wide range of topics.

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