Craig Souter

Craig Souter

Born and raised in the North-East of Scotland, I grew up with the dream of becoming a rock star. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I decided to pursue music as a career.

I started with Aberdeen College where I spent 4, fun filled, years working my way through the many courses they have before I was successful in securing a 3rd year direct entry place at Edinburgh’s Napier University.

Back in 2009, Pep Records was born to help promote and finance the progress of my career as an artist and singer/songwriter within the Scottish music industry. During my final year at Napier I completed my debut album ‘Via Dolorosa’ with a little help from my friends.

Since graduating in June 2011, the main focus has been to promote the album as much as possible through performances and internet marketing. 2012 aims to be a successful year, with performing more around the country, writing and recording the next album, plus creating as many film materials as possible for the fans viewing.

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