10. Lubajo's Lugfiller

The phone rang aye day 'n it wiz Robert Lubajo on the line. This wiz a lad I'd kent fin I wiz workin in the Sudan aboot ten ears previous. Wi hidna bin in touch since then so there wiz a lot o cleck tae catch up on. He hid jist arrived in Aiberdeen far he wiz deein a Masters in Forestry Management - we hid been workin on a tree plantin project a they years ago.

Robert Lubajo telephoned. I had worked with him in the Sudan ten years previously. We had not been in touch since then and there was thus a lot of news to exchange. He had recently arrived in Aberdeen to study for a Master's Degree in Forestry Management. We had worked together on a tree planting project all those years ago*.

* While in Aberdeen Robert developed liver cancer. The students made a collection to help him return home but he died shortly afterwards.

People and places - September 1993

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