15. Coalman

Ah hid jist feenist writin this tune fin ma faither cam in tae ask fin I'd next be gettin coal. I caint then fit the tune wiz aboot cause the first bar speaks the boy's name - "George Brand the Coalman". Yid think that bein a coalman wiz a fool, wearisome job but George is aye sae spic and span 'n chirpy that the coaldust seems feart tae settle on im. I had just finished writing this tune when my father came in to ask when I would be getting coal. I realised then that the tune spoke the name of George Brand the Coalman. One might imagine the job of coalman to be dirty and wearisome but George is always so cheerful and neat that one might imagine the coaldust afraid to land on him.

People and places - October 1993

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