16. Merry Chit Sat

I wiz sittin at the windae in the wee roomie o ma hoose. It hid been grey miserable wither for weeks bit this day the sun cam oot 'n wiz shinin in through the lace curtains. Fin I lookit oot I saw that the leaves wiz beginnin tae turn broon so the plants wiz slowin doon for the winter - bit sine a couple o blackies cam chirpin and chasin on the greenie. Jist then, for a wee meenty, I quid see that the life force in the plants, in the blackies and in me wiz the same. I noticed the feelin cause I'd been readin aboot it in the Kena Upanishad far it reckons, in Sanskrit, that kennin aboot (CHIT) the wye things really is (SAT) maks yi feel really good (ANANDA). So I ca'd the tune 'Merry Chit Sat' although 'Cozy Chit Chat' or 'Frantic Chip Fat' wid iv deen jist as weel. The weather had been grey and miserable for weeks but on this day the sun was shining through the lace curtains of my office.  I looked out and saw that the leaves were beginning to brown which meant that the plants were slowing their metabolism for the winter. Two blackbirds arrived and chased each other on the lawn. Then, briefly, I could see that the life force in the plants, in the blackbirds and in myself was the same. I had been reading the Kena Upanishad which holds, in Sanskrit, that knowing (CHIT) how things are in themselves (SAT) brings contentment (ANANDA).

Philosophy - October 1993

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