17. Indo-Euro

I hid a session aye time wi an Indian lad ca'd Ranganathan. He'd a reed spot on the middle o his pow an' 'e played the bodhran though 'e ca'd it a tambour. He reckoned that the 'Wild Mountain Thyme' wiz an al Indian tune. Some o' the stuff they've bin finnin oot fae archaeology and sociolinguistics wid gaar yi gae some credit tae this notion. I'd been readin aboot the history o the indoeuropean languages fin this tune cam intae ma heed so I ca'd it 'Indo-Euro'. I played music one time with an Indian gentleman called Ranganathan who played the tambour. He recognised 'The Wild Mountain Thyme' as an old Indian tune. Recent research in archaeology and sociolinguistics lend credence to the possibility. I had been reading about the history of the Indoeuropean languages when this tune came to mind so I called it 'Indo-Euro'.

Philosophy - October 1993

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