20. The Feel Gype's Obsession

I wiz a nurse at the Ladysbridge Mental Hospital for a while. It wiz a simmer job fin I wiz a student 'n it changed ma life - 'normality' wiz nivir gaun tae be the same again. There wiz some o the patients there thit wiz a lot mair 'wize' than the staff! A lot o the peer cratirs were obsessive though - they wid hae a limited range o behaviours and they wid jist repeat them o'er 'n o'er - and this wiz supposed tae be abnormal? When I was a student I had a summer job in a mental hospital which changed my life. 'Normality' would never be the same again. Some of the patients were 'wiser' than the staff. Many of the patients were 'obsessives' meaning that they would continuously repeat a limited range of behaviours. And this is abnormal?

People and places - October 1993

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