21. The Fool Limmer's Fancy

The American's are the worst for being 'health conscious' bit we've bin got at in this country as weel. I mine fin the rule wiz that yi hid a bath 'n a change o simit 'n pants eence a wik whither yi needed it or no. Nooadays we waste water and soap like we wiz gaun to run oot ote the mourn. Bit even so thir's some cases that tak the biscuit - it wid be coorse tae name names but yi can run intae her if yi dinna time yer visits tae the Coopy richt. The Americans are worst for being obsessively health conscious but we are not far behind. I remember the time when you had to have a bath and a change of underwear once a week whether or not they were required. Today we go through water and soap as if they were about to run out of stock. However, there are those whose personal hygeine leaves something to be desired and they are to be experienced  in the local supermarket if you time your visits appropriately.

People and places - October 1993

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