22. Jessie-Anne's Mince

Thir wiz a boy in school wi's that wiz affa 'sensitive' - a bit of an 'al sweetie wife'. Bit he wiz a gran lad tae get on wi cause he wiz aye noticing things 'n mackin bitchy comments. He wakkit diffrent fae the ither loons - mair stoppin and startin and kinda skittery. This tune tries tae mimic his dartin aboot. I've ca'ad it 'Jessie-Anne's Mince' so that them o a mair gentle persuasion kin aye mak oot that it's aboot Setterday's denner. One of my fellow pupils in school was effeminate and good fun because he noticed things that the rest of us did not see, and he was sharp witted. He also walked differently from the rest of us. This tune tries to mimic his jerky movements. I have called the tune 'Jessie Anne's Mince' so that those who have trouble acknowledging homosexuality might believe that it is about the traditional Saturday lunch.

People and places - October 1993

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