23. Bouncin Brogues

Nae bein a Gaelic speaker I aye thocht that 'Waulkin Songs' wiz aboot trampin along the road tae the isles. So if I ca' this een o my wakkin songs its aboot walking raither than waulkin. Imagine bein fair trickit wi yersel 'n walkin along a country lane wi the sun shinin and the bumbees humming and the birdies singin - and nae a thocht in yer heed - jist fu o the joys in yer 'Bouncin Brogues' Not being a Gaelic speaker heavily steeped in traditional culture I did not appreciate that Waulkin songs were not about walking. This is a song about walking along a country lane with the sun shining, the bees humming and the birds singing. Ego consciousness has dissipated and you are part of the Oneness in your bouncing brogues (traditional, heavy walking shoes).

Landscape - October 1993

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