24 Summer's Ine

I wiz oot geein the grass its last mao afore the wintir 'n I saa a' the deed leaves at the fit o the trees. It wisnae as cal as it hid been but the sin wiz rale low in the sky despite its being jist aifter denner time. I caint that I widna be oot in the gairdin again till aboot the spring that's haf a 'ear awa. It wisnae sadness I felt but it wisnae joy neither. Wir in fur a lang slow winter at 'Simmer's Ine'. Whe mowing the lawn for the last time before the winter I noticed   dead leaves at the bottom of a tree. The sun was low in the sky although it was still early afternoon. I knew that I would not be in the garden again until the spring. It was neither sadness nor joy that I felt only the gracious acceptance of the changing pattern of the seasons.

Landscape  - October 1993

Underneath the melody is a simple bassline topped with a slow arpeggio and a fast one.

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