35. A Nest in Yggdrasil

In the al Celtic legends Yggdrasil was the tree that jined up airth and heavin and stoppit the sky fae fa'in on wir heeds. In them days they didnae hae psychiatrists but they did hae druidic witchdoctors. They didnae hae universities as such and thir wasnae ony exams tae pass - yi becam a witchdoctor because o the kinda places yir heed had been. The wye they telt the story, the witchdoctors had sat in a nest in Yggdrasil far the 'Gods' had telt them aboot fit happens in 'the beyond'. So it wisnae jist a case o 'kennin aboot' the idea o heavin on airth, they hid experienced it. That's mair than can be said aboot maist Church o Scotland Meenisters these days. In Celtic legend Yggdrasil was the tree which prevented the sky from falling on our heads. In those ancient times there were no universities producing psychiatrists. Witchdoctors were recognised as such because of what they had experienced internally. Tradition had it that they inhabited a nest in the sacred tree while God explained about the beyond. In those days those who spoke about the divine had experience of it - can the same be said  today?

Philosophy - January 1994

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