39. The Kittiwake

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This tune wiz inspired by that mair delicate o gows - the ane wi its 'dipped in ink' wing tips - 'The Kittiwake' (Rissa tridactyla). They're bonnie birdies 'n they've a big nesting colony on Foul's Heugh jist ootside Stonehaven. I ken cause I wiz oot coontin them on a wee boaty aye time 'n ended up an affa mess o spew. I spose I'm kinna jealous o the wye they kin soar aboot catchin the updrafts aside the cliffs. This tune was inspired by the gull with its wing tips dipped in ink - the Kittiwake - Rissa Tridactyla. I remember  suffering sea sickness while counting them in a colony outside Stonehaven. One cannot help but be jealous of their ability to soar so effortlessly on the updrafts beside the cliffs

Nature - January 1994

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