40. The Herrin's Aid

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I hiv a bit o a guilty conscience aboot Clupea harengus. I'm affa fond o barbequed kippers bit, tae satisfy ma palette, these delicate wee fishies hiv tae be nettit 'n hauled oot o their natural medium. The good news is that the boy that took the dizzin boxes o kippers tae the Glastonbury Festival couldna sell ony. So the 'genteel' tastes o the new age hippies is comin to the 'Herrin's Aid'. I have a guilty conscious about Clupea harengus. When smoked they make kippers which I enjoy eating. But to become kippers they have to be hauled from their natural medium and killed. The good news is that the merchant who took twelve boxes of kippers to the Glastonbury Festival was unable to sell any. The eco-sensitive tastes of the New Age are thus coming to the herring's aid.

Nature - January 1994

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