41. The Flounderin Flattie

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I jist canna find it in masel tae tak the flounder seriously. I aye think o't as a cartoon character. I suppose that this wid mak ma intae some kind o chauvinistic specist or a piscean racist. So this wee tuny's tae mak amends tae Platichthys flesus that bides in estauries 'n ates worms, molluscs and shrimps; it hiz as much right tae be here and be tratit as daysint as ony ither - the Flounderin Flattie. I find the flounder amusing which might make me seem apiscean racist or chauvinist specist. This tune is thus to make my peace with all those Platichthys flesus that live in estuaries eating worms, molluscs and shrimps. They have as much right to be treated with respect as any other living creature.

Landscape - January 1994

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