43. The Jolly Jellyfish

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The jeelyfish that maist fouk ken is Aurelia aurita - the ane thit gets washed up on the beach wi the fower purple hoops on't. Bit, fin I wrote this tune I wiz thinkin mair o the Portugese Man o War Physalia physalis; nae thit I've ivir seen een live bit I've read aboot them and seen them in films. They dinna hae onythin worth ca'in a brain and thir body's made up o aboot 95% water so thir's nae really onything very much tae them. But hud weel back kiz some o them can gi oot wi a rare sting. When most people think of jellyfish they think of the one with four purple hoops which is often washed to the shore - Aurelia aurita. However, when I was writing this tune I was thinking rather of the Portugese man of War Physalia physalis of which I have no first hand experience. Their body is more than 95% water and they have no brain worth speaking of but this is no reason for complacency - they have a mighty sting.

Nature - February 1994

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