45. Atlantic Blue

A'm a toon loon masel bit I've bed amang fishers 'n a dinna envy them their job. I wiz teachin at Buckie High School aye time fin ain o the boats went doon and the hale crew wiz droont. Yi could 'iv cut the atmosphere in Buckie wi a knife but drivin hame tae Portsoy the sea itself didna seem to be ony different. Nature itself has nae morality and the Atlantic Ocean disnae get the blues. I do not envy fishermen their job. While I was teaching in a nearby fishing village a boat sank and all of the crew were drowned. The atmosphere in the village was one of despair but as I drove home I noticed that the sea was the same as normal. Nature treats humanity as straw dogs and the Atlantic Ocean does not get the blues.

Landscape - February 1994

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