46. Ocean Swell

The sea kin be a dangerous place bit the point aboot it is that its amoral raither than immoral. The ocean's nae 'anthropocentric' like hiz humans; 'n nor is it 'conscious' tae ony great extent. If it quid be said that the ocean hid feelins then it wid hae tae be said that it wiz aye feelin good aboot itsel. The Ocean nivir gets bathered wi its nerves - its a weel fed, contentit, randy kin o a bugger. This tuny tries to capture the weel meanin, fine pleast, 'happy as a coo wi a banjo' 'vibe' that yi kin get fait. Although the sea is dangerous it is amoral rather than immoral. If it had feelings they would always be of contentment. This tune captures the 'happy in its skin' vibration that rocks those who are attuned to it.

Landscape  - February 1994

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