49. Before I was a Kipper

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Afore a kipper wiz a pretty lump o stuff wrapped up in plastic in a supermarket it was a herring swimming aboot in the sea. I'm nae a vegetarian cause I ken that carnivores exist and that death is necessary. Fit worries me sometimes is the extent tae fit kids nooadays kin be brocht up athoot kennin onythin ithir than manmade environments. They're brocht up in a cotton wool cloud cuckoo land o cement and concrete and TV 'n shoppin malls. So they're livin a lee thit jist happens tae be 'non-sustainable'. It canna be guid tae dae that tae kids heeds bit that's fit 'progress' hiz deen - 'n mair or less in my lifetime. 'N its nae jist the city kids - even the kids fae the wee placies along the coast here hardly ivir go 'explorin' tae places that dinnae hae signposts, safety rails, picnic spots and public conveniences. Before being smoked and packaged for the supermarket a kipper was a   herring Clupea harengus - a living thing doing its own thing. It worries me that contemporary children are given little experience of nature in the raw and are thus conditioned into living a lie told by their elders and betters. And this is true not only of city children but also of local children from what were once fishing villages. They rarely go exploring in places without  safety rails, sign posts and public toilets.

Philosophy - February 1994

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