05. Mealiemill

The al' meal mill in Portsoy is tae become a set o flats. I walked bye aye day and saw it lang afore it hid existit wi a water wheel turning cogs tae flatten the oats tae mak the porridge. The first twa bits o the tune are fae the shrill voiced bemoaners o time's passing 'n then the third bittie comes fae the deep voiced philosopher thit kens that the clock cannae run backwards.

The old Mill in Portsoy is to be converted to flats*. I walked past one day and imagined the site before the mill had existed with its water whell turning cogs to flatten to oats to make porridge. The first two parts of the tune are from those shrill voiced people who bemoan the changing times and the third part comes from the relaxed souls who know that clocks do not run backwards.

* Recent plans are to convert the old mill into a boatbuilding and sailing centre with bunkhouses, a restuarant and a museum. Check it out at www.sixvillages.org.uk/mill

People and places - September 1993

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