54 Ites

Fin I wiz in Jamaica in the mid 70s I bed in a plaicie ca’d Highgate ‘n the Rasta lads, fin they past yi on the street, wid say ‘Ites’ raither than ‘Hiya’. Rumour hid it that they guys wisnae ayewiz in thir ain heeds – thir brains wiz racin awa in a diffrint warl fae the likes o hiz. Since then I’ve bin mair aware of that fact that ithir fouk’s heeds kin be in a diffrint place fae mine – even fin they’re sober, lat alane fin they’re foo. In the mid 70s I lived  in a mountain village in Jamaica. When Rastafari passed in the street their greeting was 'Ites'. They were a peaceful lot with brains addled by marijuana - a requirement of their religion! Since that time I have been acutely aware that many people think differently from myself  - even when they are are in full possession of their senses.

People and places - March 1994

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Manuscript to follow