55 Bachy

I’d bin listnin tae a CD o Bach tunes ‘n I wiz fascinated bi the wye he manages to git a they diffrint bitties runnin at the same time. I thocht I’d hae a go at it masel. Thir’s the three bits – the slow, easy-goin lad trampin alang atween the dreels (the bass), the win blowin slow kine through the tattie shaws (the tune), and then a wee flock of swifts dartin aboot abeen the boy’s heed (the arpeggio bittie). I was fascinated by  Bach having several melodies running simultaneously and thought to try something similar. The bass represents a farmer walking through a field of potatoes; the main tune represents the wind blowing across the field; and the arpeggio represents a flock of swifts cavorting above the farmer's head.

Nature - March 1994

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