57 Flower Ornament

The ‘Flower Ornament Scripture’ or ‘Avatamsaka Sutra’ gings on for fifteen hunner and echteen pages ‘n wiz written by some Indian gudgies aboot echteen hunner ‘ears ago. It’s relentless in the wye it taks apairt the diffrint wyes thit fouk get thir heeds messed up - ‘n then it gets yokit intae explainin a the diffrint things fouk kin dee tae fin the ‘peace that passes all understanding’. The patience ‘n energy that went intae the writin o’t’s nae easy tae figure. The Flower Ornament Scripture or Avatamsaka Sutra was composed in India some 1800 years ago. It present a thorough typology of psychological disturbances and a set of procedures that might be used to overcome them and thus find the peace which passes all understanding. In English translation it comprises 1800 pages and it is interesting to speculate upon what caused the authors to write it.

Philosophy - March 1994

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