60 Mulligan’s Splicin

I first met Cathy fin she jined the Belize Choral Society. She wiz a music teacher ti trade ‘n wiz cheery, chirpy and a bit scatty. Aiftir Belize she went tae Hawaii ‘n fin I got an invite tae hir widdin in the States I pit this tunie thegithir bi wye o catchin a flavour o baith the scatty energy o Cathy ‘n the pomp ‘n soor facedness o the offeeshal ceremonials. I first met Cathy when she joined the Belize Choral Society. She was a cherrful if slightly scatterbrained music teacher. After Belize she went to Hawaii and upon receipt of an invitation to her wedding I composed this tune to catch the flavour of both Cathy's artistic enthusiasm and the deadening pomp of the official ceremony.

People and places - July 1994

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