08 Moss on the Branches

The plants are eating the remains o Boyne Castle as it sits there on it's rock. In alo there's a gorge kin o thing wi a burn at its fit. Thir's trees awye 'n thir's a slow, peaceful, timelessness aboot the place except fan the burnie gurgles happily o'er some stanes or fin the win catches the upper leaves to ripple the sunspots inaneth. So thir's the twa phases o the spirit - the steady, underlyin pulse thit's forivir and the sudden wee bursts o bricht chaos. The timescale's eternal and thir's 'Moss on the Branches'.

The plants are eating the remains of Boyne Castle as its sits on its rock. There is a small river in the gorge below and there are trees everywhere. The slow, peaceful timelessness is broken when water gurgles happily over stones or when the wind catches the leaves to ripple the sunspots. The two phases of the spirit are present - the steady underlying pulse and the sudden  bursts of bright chaos. The timescale is eternal and there is 'Moss on the Branches'.

Nature - September 1993

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