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This Toonloon Tunes website links to other online collections which develop the themes mentioned in the notes about ‘inspiration’.

Essence of Faiths’ is a collection of short articles first produced in 1996-97 for an independent newspaper in Lesotho called ‘Mopheme’ (the Survivor). The articles suggest that, as all spiritual paths lead to the same mountain top, there is surely a spiritual absolute. AND NOW there is the 'Let it begin with me" website of illustrated existentialism.

Knowledge in a Nutshell’ is a collection of over 600 brief articles covering concepts and themes divided into twelve, major, intellectual disciplines. Production of these began in 1994 and the topics reflect that, while the hobby was the spiritual domain, the day job involved establishing an advisory service for Educational Management.

The ‘Caledonia Centre for Social Development’ (CCSD) is a charitable organisation which enables the international exchange of information and ideas between people involved in all aspects of social development at the local level.

The ‘Caledonia Land Programme’ is an offshoot of CCSD and is an international clearing house for information and ideas on all aspects of land use and reform.

The ‘Sixvillages Community Web Site’ generally and the ‘Portsoy and District Limited (PDL)’ website in particular record an assortment of contemporary social development activities on that part of the planet which inspired the Toonloon Tunes.

The author’s BIODATA is also available on-line.

Links to other midi music sites: - Music Information and more.

The tune playing in the background is Indo-Euro.

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