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The tunes on this site were written by George (Dod) Clark of Portsoy during a period of inspiration which lasted from July 1993 till October 1994.

Each tune is presented in manuscript form with a note about what inspired it and a midi file so that you can hear what it sounds like if you are not so hot and reading the dots.

The tunes were first published in photocopied booklets and the original introductions are available here.

The inspiration behind each tune is explained. There were four categories of inspiration. Although the explanations are given beside each tune they have also been gathered together so that you can better appreciate the flow.

There is a section on the technicalities of how the tunes were written.

Each tune has a page to itself but the tunes page offers an index to help you find your way around.

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The tune playing in the background of this page is 'Donald's Buttries'

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