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Tune Structures

bullet27 of the tunes are in 4/4, 13 are in 6/8, 6 are in 3/4 and one is in 5/4 because of a thrush.
bulletMost are in the major keys of C, D and F although 8 are in minor keys.
bulletMost of the tunes, especially the earlier ones are made up of two eight bar sections. The first section repeats before moving on to the second section which also repeats. The sequence of four parts is then repeated. This gives a total of 64 bars which is the norm for Scottish Country dances and sessions in pubs.

Composition Process

bulletMost tunes derive from an 'event' which prompted a 'mood' and thus an inclination (urge) to capture the tune.
bulletSometimes a melody line would appear first and sometimes a rhythm pattern. Some arrived while I was walking down the street others while doodling on the keyboard.
bulletMy ability to write the manuscript versions improved during the composition period and was greatly aided by the computer programme 'Music Time' which would write the tunes for me so long as I played the keyboard in strict measure with the metronome.
bulletThe earlier tunes comprise a single melody line and the backing heard on the midi files is made up of elementary chord rhythms and bass lines built around the chord blocks
bulletThe later tunes often have two or more melody lines running against each other. I was inspired from hearing classical riffs on the radio.

Midi Programmes

bulletMidi input device = Yamaha PSR-300 (touch response but no wheels)
bulletMidi Sequencing (recording) = Trax (tm) Version 2.5 (c) 1989-92 Passport Designs Inc - I invested in fancier programmes but did not find the time to master them - Trax does the basic business.
bulletMidi Sequencing (effects and panning) = MIDI Orchestrator Plus (tm) Version 2.11.24 (c) 1990-96 Voyetra Technologies - the virtual mixing desk is joyfully simple to use.
bulletManuscripting = MusicTime (tm) Version 2.0 (c) 1994 Passport Designs, Inc
bulletPresent mix for Creative Soundblaster AWE 64 Gold


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