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The tunes first appeared in photocopied booklets. The introductions to those booklets are presented here. English translations are provided for those who have difficulty with the Doric.

First Fifty Toon Loon Tunes - July 1994

Anither Seven and Twenty Toon Loon Tunes - November 1994

First Fifty Toon Loon Tunes - July 1994

Ana feel richt aboot sayin thit "I" wrote these tunies - it wiz mair as if they wiz comin fae somewye else 'n jist passin through me. This bein the case, I canna richtly say fit wye the pattern o notes turned oot the wye they did. So, fit I've deen instead is tae write doon the thochts thit wiz in ma heed fan the tunies arrived; so, if thir's onythin at a tae the Jungian idea o synchronicity, thir shid be some kinna link!

It is not appropriate to say that 'I' wrote these tunes - it was as if they came from  elsewhere and  passed through me. I do not thus know how the pattern of notes turned out as they did. What I have thus done is to record my thoughts as the tunes arrived. Assuming some degree of veracity to Jung's concept of 'Synchronicty' there might be a connection.

Fit I've deen tae mak the stories easier tae deel wi is tae hae thim in fower groups. The "Landscape" group hiz a the tunies thit wiz inspired by burns 'n trees 'n sunshine 'n meenlicht 'n fit hiv ye. The nixt group, "Nature", hiz they tunies thit hiv somethin tae dee wi plants 'n animals - I got a degree in Zoology aince upon a time 'n I nivir quite got o'ert! The third group's mainly aboot fouk bit thir's ain or twa aboot places as weel. The last group's labelt "Philosophy" 'n that sounds kinna pretentious bit I couldna think o a better wurd - thir's ideas aboot politics and releegion 'n the human condition in geniral.

The stories have been arranged in four groups. The 'Landscape' group includes those inspired by streams, trees, sunshine and moonlight etc. The 'Nature' group deals with plants and animals - many years ago I studied Zoology and never recovered! The third group is mainly about people but there are aslo a few about places. The last group is labelled 'Philosophy' which may  sound pretentious but it is the best word to cover the subject matter - politics, religion and the human condition.

Landscape 01,04,07,23,24,25,26,33,36,42,45,46

Nature 08,09,12,14,28,34,39,40,41,43,44,47,48

People & Places 02,03,05,06,10,11,15,18,19,20,21,22,27,31,32,37,38

Philosophy 13,16,17,29,30,35,49,50

The nixt page gees a list o the tunies arranged in the order they wiz written in. Ithir than the very first ain they wiz a written atween July 1993 and February 1994 so they wiz influenced by the autumn and then bi the winter.

The introduction page lists the tunes in chronological order. Other than the first, they were written between July 1993 and Februrary 1994 and were influenced by the autumn and winter.

I've writtn the stories in the Doric cause fin the "muse" grabs hud o me tae whisper in ma lug it's the Doric thit she uses. There's nae offeeshal wye o writing doon the Doric so I've jist written it doon as best I quid based on the wye I spik it. I wiz brocht up a toon loon 'n I've bin awa a fair bit so things is maybe a bittie rayvelt and nae athigithir 'pure' bit, weel weel, that's jist the wye the warl turns.

I wrote the stories in the Doric because that is the language that the 'muse' uses. There is as yet no standard method for transcribing the Doric so I wrote it as I speak it. I was brought up in small towns in the NE of Scotland but I have travelled extensively since then. The dialect may thus be polluted - so be it.

To the tunes

Anither Seven and Twenty Toon Loon Tunes - November 1994

This is the sequel tae me earlier bookie ca'd 'First Fifty Toon Loon Tunes'. They first eens hid bin written atween July 1993 and February 1994 and hid a fair autumnal and winter feel tae them. This next lot wiz written atween March and October 1994 so they tak in the Spring 'n summer and then the drawin in o' the nichts again. This is a sequel to my earlier book of tunes which had been written between July 1993 and February 1994 and thus had autumnal and winter ambiances. This volume contains tunes written between March and October 1994 and they take in the spring, summer and the lengthening evenings.
The tunies is presentit in the same order as they got written in, n' same as last time, I've arranged the the stories thit ging wi the tunies intae fower groups. I've used the same categories as last time bit there's a diffrence in that, this time, maist o' the landscape tunes are aboot urban landscapes, 'n maist of the Nature tunies is aboot sunshine and/or aboot trees. Nane o' that's by plan - it's jist the wyw it turnt oot. The tunes are presented chronologically and their stories are arranged in the same four groups as before. This time most in the landscape category relate to urban scenes and most in the nature category are about sunshine and/or trees. This is an emergent rather than a planned property.

Landscape 58,65,66,67,68,70,74

Nature 51,55,61,62,63,71,72,77

People and Places 52,53,54,56,60,64,69

Philosophy 57, 59, 73 75 76

Tae some extent the collection o' tunes quid be seen as representin some kinna 'autobiography'. This being the case its maybe worth mentionin thit the muse cam tae me maist often fin I wiz oot in ma gairdin - its fairly big bit its mainly grass wi a few trees int. The main exceptions tae this rule hiv been fin I've been hining aboot in they concrete jungle that represent the pinnacle of human evolution. The 'Philosophical' bits hiv been somethin tae dee wi getting ma heed roon the blendin o' eastern releejins wi new paradigm science and post-modernism in general. The tunes might be seen as a form of autobiography. As such it is worth noting that the muse visited me most often in my garden which is largely in grass with the occasional tree. The main exceptions are those tunes which were inspired by cities. The philosophical tunes during this period make reference to my attempts to blend eastern religions, new-paradigm science and post-modernism.
I've got ma computer tae drive arrangements o a the tunes through me Roland SC7 Sound Module so, if yer nae a that hot on reading the dots yi kin aye get in touch for a copy o the midi files or an audio tape. Midi files and audio tapes are available for those who do not read music. Please get in touch*.

* Technology moves on - this web site makes everything available worldwide immediately.

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