26 The Waatery Sun

It wiz Guy Fawkes day 'n I wiz driving doon tae Banff. I hid jist past Ordens crossroads and wiz comin up tee wi the Cooncil Depot fin I noticed the wye the licht wiz faain on the parks. The feelin wiz a bit like the een thit hid me write the 'Simmer's Ine' but this wiz a bit mair cheery and hopefae. I felt mair inclined ti go alang wi the coorse o nature - nae that thir's a lot o option! There wiz a kind o liquidity in the wye the licht wiz poorin ontae the park so I ca'd the tune 'The Waatery Sun'. Early November and, while driving, I noticed how the light was pouring on to the fields as if it were a liquid.. The feeling was similar to that which inspired 'Summer's Ine' but it was lighter and more hopeful. The ego was inclined to follow nature's course - as if it had an option!

Landscape - November 1993

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